ICE Blockchain

Interact with contracts using Hardhat

This article will show you how to interact with recently deployed smart contract on ice using hardhat

Launch hardhat console by running:

npx hardhat console --network testnet
Then, one by one, add the following lines of code. To begin, we construct a local instance of Token.sol contract
const MyToken = await ethers.getContractFactory('MyToken')
Next, connect this instance to an existing one by passing in the address we obtained when deploying the contract
const myToken = MyToken.attach('0xfCf562c65247A9fE4eaa3eb360d4223440410078')
Let’s call the methods of the contract now First transfer some tokens to a address by calling transfer() from contract
await myToken.transfer('0x758e3ACDBFb3818d49587418241E29E257Bd9308', 100)
You will get output similar to this:
NOTE: We initially pre-minted 1000 tokens so we can transfer upto 1000 token without minting another token
Then check the balance of available tokens in the address where we just transferred token by calling balanceOf() method
await myToken.balanceOf('0x758e3ACDBFb3818d49587418241E29E257Bd9308')
This should output 100 in the console.