ICE Blockchain


Funding Substrate account with ICZ Testnet

This guide explains how to fund your Substrate & Ethereum account with ICZ tokens to interact and transact with Testnet or the EVM
The network token for ICE will be ICY, but the Testnet denotes it as ICZ and can change in the future


This requires one to hold the private key to the substrate account or the Ethereum account in request.
  • To create a Substrate account, refer here for more details on the explorer app & goto accounts tab -> Add Account, to create a new one.
  • To create an Ethereum account, use any Ethereum compatible wallets (Metamask wallet)


Arctic testnet
Join ICON Official discord server from this link.
Then go to arctic-testnet-faucet channel to request for funds
In the arctic-testnet-faucet channel, type in !send <substrate/Ethereum address> & hit send
  • Requesting address will be provisioned with 1000 ICZ on Arctic testnet and a successful response.
  • Users will have to wait for 6 hours between each request.


Following commands use a sample account number, replace it with your own account to which you hold the private key.
Funding Substrate account with ICZ
Example command for valid ss58 account address
!send 5HWKSRyhAVnwioKWFZS3mvLQtqRc8Z2PsHfQL69tg4tJgqyC
Funding Ethereum account with ICZ
Example command for valid Ethereum address
!send 0x6D5bA807f8D8c7A4738C102E414D8e55F784E813
  • After a successful transaction, the amount should be reflected in the respective wallet.
  • To add the custom Testnet RPC details, refer here Network Details