ICE Blockchain

Subsquid for data indexing

This article guides you through the process of indexing the ICE/SNOW Network data using subsquid
Subsquid is a framework for indexing or querying data on Substrate-based blockchains. Moreover, Subsquid is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) project that collects on-chain data and provides a GraphQL API to query those data.
We have already published some medium articles which explains about Subsquid whose links are provided below:

1. Indexing ERC-721 token transactions in the Arctic network.

2. Indexing ERC-20 token transactions in Arctic network.

We have also deployed a squid at,where we have indexed ERC721,ERC20 and ERC1155 token transfers event of the Arctic testnet network.
You can head over to,which will open a GraphQL playground for playing with queries.
NOTE: Currenlty the endpoint is down.
For example: let us query 10 fungible tokens (ERC20) by their name, symbol, and address.
query MyQuery {
fTokens(limit: 10) {
GraphQl playground
You can play with queries here after all it’s a playground.
Subsquid’s documentation is full of useful information, and it’s the best place to start if you have questions about anything that wasn’t covered in this introductory section.