ICE Blockchain

Making EVM RPC calls

RPC (Remote Procedure Call) is a collection of protocols and interfaces through which the client communicates with the blockchain system. The user can utilize the RPC interface to retrieve blockchain-related information (such as block number, blocks, node connectivity, and so on) and make transaction requests.

Making RPC calls in polkadot.js app

  • Select RPC calls from the Developer option on the navigation bar.
  • To get details about EVM transactions like contract deployment, state changing calls, etc, select eth -> getTransactionReceipt(hash). Enter the EVM transaction hash that you want to inspect, and click on Submit RPC call.
  • Other RPC endpoints that might be useful for Ethereum developers are as follows:
    • getBlockByHash(hash, full) : Get EVM block details by its hash
hash: 32 Bytes - Hash of a block
full: if TRUE, returns the full transaction objects. If FALSE, returns only the hashes of the transactions.
  • getBalance(address, number): Fetch balance of the provided H160 (Ethereum) Address
address: Ethereum address to check for balance
number(optional): hex value of block number
  • getBlockByNumber(block, full): Get EVM block details by its block number
block: hex value of a block number
full: Boolean, if TRUE, returns full transaction objects. If FALSE, returns only hashes of transactions.