ICE Blockchain

Wallet and Explorer

Suppported Wallets

Hana Wallet

​Hana wallet supports both Substrate and EVM side of the ICE/SNOW network. Follow this article to learn how you can use Hana wallet on ICE/SNOW network.

Polkadot.js Wallet

​Polkadot.js wallet supports the Substrate-side of the ICE/SNOW network. It manages ICE/SNOW accounts and allows those accounts to sign transactions (for balance transfer and for calling ink-contracts and pallets).


​Metamask supports transactions such as balance transfer and Solidity contract call on the EVM-side of the ICE/SNOW network. Follow this link to configure your Metamask with SNOW mainnet and Arctic testnet.


Currently there are three explorers supported on the SNOW Mainnet and the Arctic Testnet; namely Subscan, Epirus and Polkadot.js.

SNOW Mainnet

Arctic Testnet

More information on the ICE/SNOW Explorer can be found here.